“Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”~Lao Tzu

dancing Colors (1 of 1)
Slowed down, the movement of a hoop dancer’s feet are a softened rainbow of color and flow.

There is something about this kind of dreamy blur that I really love looking at…….the colors meld and the feathers become like ghosts. It’s the dreamy factor that I love.  A techie pixel peeper might say it is just a blur but I think it’s just a different vision than that. I have found that my vision is not a wide angle, everything in focus kind of one. I think orange sunsets are overrated.  But your vision as a creator of art is the important one and as time goes by, I have learned to become less and less swayed by pressure to be or do anything other than what I see and do that in my way.

I stopped of at The Indian Art and Craft Show in Carefree today. I bought a really special ring there and watched the performances.  The ring is azurite and it has this blue, naturally occuring swirl in one area of the stone.  It’s funny but I saw some petroglyphs in Prescott recently and one was of a similar-looking spiral.  It was there that I read that the spiral in Native American culture is symbolic of our consciousness and to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. Beyond being pretty, the ring will now have a spiritual significance for me to it, too.

There was an impressive hoop dancer there who also could soulfully play the Native American flute. And he was a real comedian to boot. What a truly rich culture Native Americans are born into. It’s nice to see that families and tribes are truly owning their worth and gifts and passing those things on to the next generation.



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