“The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and then reflects it.”~A Hare

Iceburg2 (1 of 1)
As close as we get to an iceberg in Arizona: a Chihuly glass exhibit from his current show at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Not as easily recognizable as the work of Dale Chihuly as most pieces but it is none the less. After seeing numerous bright colors scattered throughout the DBG, I liked the sedateness of this and the gold and blue color combo. The water almost looks like gold foil in some areas due to both  the reflection and the pieces of reeds floating about.

I waited to post this so as to not taunt anyone experiencing that polar vortex 🙂 …..I walked about viewing the exhibit without a jacket while many were in a deep freeze. You have to love Arizona, especially in the winter.



4 thoughts on “Glass

  1. Beautiful photo and I do love the gold-blue combo. As for the perks of being in a place where winter is such a breeze, that’s all fun and games but the summers are so unforgiving! And I know Arizona is dry, but Houston is so humid in the summer!

    1. Arizona does get HOT and somewhat humid during the summer months but I must say I visited my Mom in NY last summer and NEVER AGAIN in summer! It was 88 and 90% humidity…much worse IMO than 110 and 20% humidity. And it seems like Fall and Spring are so short there, it’s almost like 2 seasons (1 more than here, though). LOL

  2. There must be a happy medium between Arizona and NY and I think it might be Hawaii. If only I could afford to live there full time.
    I like this shot and have been a Chihuly fan for many years. Exquisite craftsmanship.

  3. Yes, he takes glass to new levels. I love the glass ceiling at The Bellagio; I think that is my fav so far.
    I am not sure what the happy medium is but I have to say that I like the West and maybe would try UT, NM, CO or OR. I personally love SF but the cost of living there is off the charts. There is no Utopia, that is for sure.

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