Cooking is like love — it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”~H Van Horne

Majestic Kitchen (1 of 1)
Maybe cooking in this kitchen was more practical than nurturing.

I decided to try and redeem myself from a disastrous trip to another mining ghost town in Ruby, Arizona with a stop at the Vulture Mine in Wickenburg on my way back to Prescott last week after spending the holidays down south. Why was the Ruby trip a fail? Ruby is another ghost town seriously close to the Mexican border on a dirt road which must be traveled with caution, both for your car and you and your passengers. To make a long story short: we got a late start, got somewhat lost, were scared by beware of smuggling signs, laughed at by the Border Patrol (WHY do you want to go there???), got to Ruby almost at sundown, had to climb a fence to get in (with the owner’s ok), ran around like a chicken without my head to take some shots while my friend screamed, “LET’S GO!!!” and the final kick in the pants to this photography mis-adventure?  The dog chewed up my memory card, making it unreadable.  We ultimately had a ton of laughs but I was quite disappointed with the whole photography aspect of that excursion.

I had never been to Vulture Mine and now after last week’s visit, I can say not only am I sorry I never visited before but that I will be back.  Access used to be pretty much unrestricted but now many buildings are fenced off, making me sad that this wonderful piece of history is falling apart to that point; it would be dangerous to enter many of the areas. But I would like to go back again on a less sunny day with clouds so I can try and better capture what I can of this mining town that was once the epitome of the Wild West and the Gold Rush era.

The image above is of the Mess Hall’s kitchen stove……it is a serious hunk of metal and probably from the 1800’s. Beautifully rusted, I wonder just how many meals were served to the hungry men who worked like dogs to mine out the gold from Vulture Mine. Many, I am sure. Can you imagine what life might have been like for these miners?  We have it rather soft these days, don’t we?  With that, I will say TGIF. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. You can almost hear the hum of lives come and gone in abandoned places, and an entire town must simply roar with the past. Your journey was as interesting as the destination, which is how it should be….except for that chewed up memory card. Dogs will eat the darned things!
    I saw the movie Nebraska last night with my daughter. It was a nice movie. There was a scene where the main character, very old, visits his abandoned childhood home and I thought of it when I read your post. I think you would like if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Hi Elisa,
      We had fun but I always get disappointed when the photos do not materialize like I envision. I can’t help it! Anyway, the Vulture Mine is an incredible place and incredible part of history; too bad much is now closed off.
      I will have to look that movie up!
      Have a nice weekend, Maureen

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