“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”~ H James

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An agreeable little scene.

Carefree (a rich cousin of Cave Creek, AZ) is a great place to spend the day but I was recently shocked as to the number of businesses that have gone belly up. I was glad to see that this tea shop and restaurant has not. Many once thriving retail stores have just withered away, a sign to me that our economy has a long way to go before we start feeling prosperous once again.

I love tea but I can think of many more agreeable ways in which to spend the afternoon…..maybe having British blood running through your veins might make this more true.  I do love the concept, though: little, teeny sandwiches, a choice of teas (not just Lipton) served in a pot, putting your pinky up while drinking it, petit fours. Add the right company and a frilly hat and you might just have the key to a most agreeable afternoon.  If I had had a little girl, I would have done afternoon tea with her, for sure (my son…..now he probably would not appreciate it).  I can always borrow one, though, right?  I have done it with friends and my Mom, though!

Tea or not, I hope you are having an agreeable day!



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