“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”~Shakeseare

Follow The Sun (as the truck says) But Prepare for Rain

Does being true to oneself guarantee being true to others? No, but it sure helps.  I guess if you are true to yourself, integrity most often follows.

Another steeped in the past, gloriously vintage-y scene from The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. Too bad for the fence but they have to keep the nosy photographers out, right?  😉 I did make it in anyway for about 30 minutes or so.  I talked to a couple from England who were staying there; they were into cowboy rockabilly and were all dressed up in their vintage cowboy finest.  There are cults out there of aficionados of Western life, vintage 1950s and even something more specialized like Route 66. I have met many from different countries who come to the US just to immerse themselves for a week or two in their interests.  Anyway, if you are ever in Southern AZ and want to stay in a 1950’s trailer park, be sure to look up The Shady Dell. It’s a unique way to spend the night!


2 thoughts on “Follow

  1. Somebody loves this truck. I have met several European tourists who come to the US, rent an RV for a couple of weeks and tour the country. They anticipate seeing Niagra Falls and some of the National Parks in the Southwest. I wouldn’t mind doing that myself.

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