“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”~J Addison

But the greatest of those 3 things is love.
Life is grand! 

I was not planning on a weekend trip but on my way to Williams, AZ (a Route 66 town known as being the gateway to the Grand Canyon) I looked at the clouds, thought about it being a free weekend and decided spur of the moment to head up to the South Rim. I did not arrive until late afternoon and drove to a few of the stops along the Desert View Drive.  I decided that I would shoot this particular area once again so set up and ate my picnic lunch (which was now a dinner).  That rock formation to the left is known as “The Duck” for not so obvious reasons 🙂 (I have to stretch a bit to see a duck). The sun set and the sky deepened with pink and blue, my personal favorite sunset.  Oranges and reds do not thrill me as much, I like the cool tones better.

After that I decided I’d stay the night in Flagstaff so I could see if there was any color either there or in Sedona.  Both were pretty much a bust.  Flagstaff was brown, Sedona yellow.  Sedona does have a beautiful area in Oak Creek with a trail that has red maples and orange-toned leaves and it is gorgeous.  I had been heading there 2 weeks ago but I took a spill climbing up a leafy hill and ended up pretty bruised and battered so did not want to hike that day.  I’d figured that the fall colors had fallen already by this weekend but still had a nice time shooting the aspen trunks and the creek in Sedona.

I have decided that I want to get in shape enough to hike down into the canyon come springtime….maybe camp a night, maybe do a raft trip.  Seeing the Canyon from the rim is nice but I’d like to experience it from the bottom, too!



6 thoughts on “Grand

  1. Great image Maureen. I like how you included the rock formation on the left part of the image. Its lightness compared to the canyon in the background really makes it pop and gives this image a real 3-dimensional feel. I also love the overall colors.

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