“Of joys departed, not to return, how painful the remembrance.”~R Blair

Remembrance (1 of 1)

This state’s connection to Mexico, both geographically and historically, can be seen in many little ways here in Arizona.  Tucson is the city that seems to have the biggest Mexican influence but  we also have a bit of “sabor” here in Prescott.  I was chilling out on Sunday, still in my nightgown, when I read about the Day of The Dead festival (unexpected as it was a week early) which just so happened to be going on as I lazed.  It was 11:45 and I read that there was going to be a procession at noon to the cemetery as part of the happenings and I literally washed and dressed in 5 minutes flat to try and catch it.  I only caught the very end and so leaving the house with no makeup and looking like I just rolled out of bed (ghastly, bwahaha) was pretty much in vain.  😦 But I decided to pop by the main venue for a bit to shoot and got some images of some of the costumed participants .  I was glad I went as I love shooting events like this and I also have an affinity for the holiday itself and its significance:transformation of grief, honoring and remembering.

This woman was a great model……she not only took direction so easily but she seemed to have a natural affinity for speaking with her eyes; it’s about a projection of vulnerability which I most like to capture. I personally think a model who can smile nicely is a good one but a model who can not smile nicely is a great one.

Have a Happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Remembrace

  1. Beautiful! I am glad you made it to take some photos 🙂 It’s a very striking photo, and indeed, the model was so full of expression and had a great pose. Great colors as usual 🙂

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