“And we never got the mule, let alone the forty acres.”~C Evers 

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This is one of those places I return to every few months when I go down to Phoenix. It’s just a pull off from the highway so if the clouds and the light are right, I pull off. I am waiting for the day that it is no longer there and that will be kind of a sad day for me. Trust me,  that day will come and it’s probably not too far off in the future.  My attachment lies in its quirkiness and uniqueness and the fact that it was not a Circle K or 7-11 in its heyday but a Mom and Pop establishment whose main customers were folks probably heading from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. There is a “For Sale” sign out of the frame and some day someone will purchase the property for the land and who knows what will happen to this scene.  Most likely it will be bulldozed over for a Circle K or 7-11……..

In my mind’s eye, I see this in the 1950’s or 60’s, that sign in prime condition, the building looking plain but clean and inviting, soda vending machines, old tin signs and gas pumps AND the most important thing to complete my imaginings, a donkey or two to pet and maybe feed.  🙂  Kind of like a Route 66 pit stop but just not on Route 66.

It is the potential I am attracted to, not so much what it is right now.  Potential of what it was and what it could be. And potential wasted is a shame.


10 thoughts on “Acres

    1. Thanks, yes, it has been closed for years, only open intermittently to sell things like honey and jerky. Guess they are not big money makers. But it is a cool place, despite its dilapidated look.

  1. Thanks for preserving this spot, Maureen, for a little while, anyway. What a shame when it’s gone! I remember lots of places like this some 30 thirty years ago driving from SF to Vegas via Phoenix and the other scenic places.
    Have a great new week!
    Love, Dina

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