“I have begun to think of life as a series of ripples widening out from an original center.”~S  Heaney

Dusk Duck (1 of 1)

Sometimes I will shoot something just for the quality of light.  In this case, the sun was down low and the reflections of the clouds against the dark water, along with the ripples created by the duck’s movement, made for something interesting in my mind.  Common but interesting.  I always think that if you can take something and show it in a different “light” that that is good enough.  Everything cannot be grand and epic and off the charts.  I feel sorry for photogs that feel they have to provide that all the time to themselves and to others.  I would think it breeds discontent.  I am not saying not to chase these things but that you also need to appreciate the small, the commonplace.


9 thoughts on “Ripples

    1. Thanks, but I don’t think so…it’s just that the light was right and I caught that and the duck’s ripple effect. The subject itself is pretty common….no Aurora Borealis, 3 lightening strikes over the purple landscape, overly orange filtered sunset, lion at the moment he claws into a zebra he’s been chasing :*( etc. LOL
      Just a little old duck that happens to be in nice light.

    1. Thank you! The light was nice which is why I ended up photographing the duck. The sun was going down but shaded by nearby trees. The cloud reflections in the water almost created a reflector effect, I believe. Sometimes the light is so right you can make anything look great!

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