“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”~A Camus

Red Maple Leaves

Why does autumn go so quickly?  My favorite season comes and goes in a flash. It’s not fair!  LOL One day there’s color and then you get a windy day and all the leaves are down.  So, I shoot the color when I can.  I may go up to Flagstaff this week as the elevation is higher than here in Prescott and hence, there are more deciduous trees there.  I’ll bring some pumpkin bars and pumpkin spice almonds a maybe a pumpkin beer and wear a sweater and maybe smell some wood from a stove burning in the air…..sorry, getting off track here.  I think you either love fall for its qualities or hate it as it means the cold weather and a long winter is up next.  So, are you in the Fall Faction, too?


2 thoughts on “Leaf

    1. Trader Joe’s has all things pumpkin and I was a bit over zealous with my pumpkin goods this year! I am not a beer drinker but pumpkin doesn’t come in wine or even soda and pumpkin martinis are not all that portable. 😉

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