” I myself, don’t need a weathervane to tell which way the wind blows.” (Cheshire Cat) ~L Carroll 

Cottonwood, AZ

Sometimes I will look for something in my Lightroom library and come across an image that I completely forgot about. Actually, that happens fairly frequently, and it’s always nice to find something decent that you can re-visit to process and post.

It is autumn-like here in Prescott.  The nights are cool and I even had to bring out my flannel blankey  🙂 last night.  I love Fall and wish it would stick around at least as long as summer does.  I start to cook and bake again, walk and hike more, buy all the pumpkin goodies that are out. 🙂 Let’s see, so far I have found the following strange pumpkin items: English muffins, beer, macarons, almonds, yoghurt, olive oil…need I go on?  A friend and I text pics to each other of all the weird pumpkin things we find; it’s like a little game to see who can trump who. So, enjoy your Fall (unless you are in another hemisphere) Sunday!


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