“The wing of the falcon brings him to the king, the wing of the crow brings him to the cemetery.”M Iqbal

2 flying crows  (1 of 1)
Your nature and the company you keep help decide where your wings will bring you.

We have a lot of ravens here in N Arizona, so many that they seem to have spawned a whole genre of subject for artists here. But this was the first time I saw a bunch of crows.  They were en masse and I caught them as they flew off.  The biggest difference I can see between crows and ravens is that ravens are the size of small turkeys, crows an average bird size. And that crows have vivid yellow eyes that seem to pop against their black.

Well, D600 number 3 is showing oil spots and I am going by the old adage of 3 strikes and you’re out.  Especially in light of the fact that a newer model is anticipated being announced.  The D610 will hopefully address this issue as I do love all else about the camera, except maybe that it could be a bit less noisy.  But other than the oil issue, I would most definitely say it’s a keeper.  I cropped this very severely and the clarity is still pretty impressive.  The continuing ongoing dilemma :p will hopefully get resolved soon.


4 thoughts on “Crow

  1. Hi Maureen, I’m on the road and sometimes my ipad does some freaky things when I try to comment. Your picture is gorgeous, and I love how you’ve captured the light radiating from the crows eyes. I bought the D600 the week after it’s release last year, forgetting that it’s never a good idea to acquire something that is new both to the world and the company that produced it! It was fine for 6 months when I noticed the oil splotches and a stiff shutter. I had to send pics that displayed the oil spots and they sent me a shipping label immediately. Cleaned it up, replaced the shutter and did a few other things, and turned the camera around in a week I think. That was 4 or 5 months ago and I haven’t noticed any spots. Overall I’m very happy with it….sort of out of my league, but you gotta start somewhere!!

    Take care,

    1. Thanks, Elisa. Your images were beautiful, saw the beach post. I also meant to write that I liked the tones in those images! Anyway, I figure this new model may fix the issue and will go that route. I bought from B&H and highly recommend their customer service!
      I wish (had I known that I would get so into photography) that I had started full frame and better lenses. There is a difference. Might as well start with the highest quality as I saw no learning curve difference. Have fun on vacation!!

      1. Life is full of ironies, Maureen. When I returned from my weekend in the Washington, DC area I couldn’t wait to download my images. It’s when I noticed that the oil spots are back. Not as big as before, more of a fine mist but the problem is back, and I wanted to let you know ASAP after giving you my glowing review just a few days ago. I actually purchased the camera from B&H and when I first noticed the problem a few months ago, they immediately referred me to Nikon. Weren’t as help as I thought they would be. Oh well. I just packed it off to via UPS and I have to admit it’s made me a little sick to the stomach! Fingers crossed.

      2. Oh sorry to hear that, Elisa! I would venture to say that ALL D600s have the issue. B&H was great BUT I returned all 3 models within the 30 day return period. It is Nikon’s responsibility, IMO, to make this right. Until they put in non-defective parts, it will continue. At least you have documented it with them and maybe you should keep sending it back until the new model comes out. Provided that new model (the D610, which is SUPPOSED to be the same camera sans the issue) is reported to be clean, I’d request an exchange. If it was not such a nice camera, I’d not have gone through trying 3 of them. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully it will be rectified with this fix.

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