“Love is the river of life in the world.”~H Ward Beecher

Zion NP-Virgin River Dusk

There is nothing like nature to breathe life into one’s soul.  I spent a few days in Vegas and then went on to Zion National Park.  I must say that I think I may never return to Vegas again….it is just not my thing in so many ways.  But Zion is another story.  I hiked up the Hidden Canyon Trail, to the Emerald Pools and to the start of the Narrows (where one day I would love to hike into).  Dog tired and sweaty, I am mostly in my element when I am close to nature.  Honestly, having a camera in hand can be somewhat limiting in some ways but I’d not have it any other way.  I like recording what beauty I see, both in reality and in my mind’s eye.


3 thoughts on “River

  1. I once went to Las Vegas some 30 years ago and had a great time with the shows, but as I left I said goodbye, not so long! It’s not mine either. I was travelling the West for 10 weeks and there were SO much to see! And so many miles to go… What a great country!
    Love, Dina

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