“I take a simple view of life. It is keep your eyes open and get on with it.”~L Sterne

Brown and White Horse
Life is easier when it’s simple….but it never stays that way!
And THAT is right from the horse’s mouth.

We have had an exceptionally rainy monsoon season here in AZ.  Usually monsoons mean clouding up in the afternoon and a brief but prolific downpour of water but not this year…we have had (almost) full days of rain. So, my plan for a trip to Bryce and Zion has been altered a bit.  No staying in a tepee for me, looks like a change of itinerary and from camping to hotels.  And that may just be a blessing in disguise as I have not camped in a decade or so. 😮  We decided to knock Bryce off at this point as it is muddier and wetter than Zion.  Living in the dry desert, I am now not used to having to factor in rain as a spoiler when making plans.  Hopefully, the rain will go, go away and I will get to come back with some images and get a bit of hiking in!


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