And after the storm, sometimes there is a rainbow!

Sometimes even a double rainbow!  So intense.  OMG!!! Mine did not go all the way across the sky, though, so I was pretty much able to contain myself.

LOL-did anyone ever see that video of the double rainbow guy?  I don’t think I could get that worked up for a triple rainbow with unicorns grazing in a field of money trees. But when I see him, I KIND OF wish I could.  It’s too much!  I’m not sure what it means but it’s pretty funny.  I really like this guy, even though I could probably not spend a whole entire day with him without drinking. 🙂 And BTW, the rainbows above did NOT come from his double rainbow app. 😉

So, what is the supposed significance of seeing a double rainbow? Great blessings, transformation, double happiness.  Good stuff!  Or….. maybe just seeing a double rainbow.  But I waited there in some rain for a while for a rainbow so maybe it means you need to put in your dues and expect the best, if you get what you wanted, wonderful.  If not, you did what you could and may just have to change direction.

Next up on my list? Finding that elusive unicorn.



2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. 🙂 This is lovely, pure joy.Maureen ♥! I’ll put you on my list of beautiful bloggers on my next post. Thanks for inspiring me so much, over and over again.
    Love Dina

    1. Dina, Thanks so much! I really do appreciate it. It is a tremendous compliment that I could only hope to live up to (inspiring you). And it really does go both ways as your images and words not only allow me to see things I have not seen but also are so beautiful to look at and read. I sometimes feel so lazy with this blog; I barely write much. In the end, I guess I identify personally more with my images than words. Just to know that I inspire anyone is a good enough reason to keep on posting! xo

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