” It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.”~F Douglass

I’ll do without the earthquake. 🙂  I think he is more or less saying we need the passion, not comfortability. Although both is the optimal!


I have been experimenting a lot with B&W processing and much to my surprise, I am becoming more and more taken with it.  I still love color but I now can see clearly the merits of using it for certain images.

This was taken at Arcosanti, a prototype for an experimental, self-sustaining community in Mayer, Arizona. It was actually raining cats and dogs when I snapped this (as I held my umbrella and tried to walk towards my car).  In the minute or two that I was out there, my everything got soaked.  But I have to say, other than concern for my camera, I loved it and smiled all the way to my car. There is nothing like a deluge to clear the air and make you feel like a kid splashing in the puddles again.  Did everyone do that as a child?  I hope so!  I remember it vividly, walking in the current (we had sewer drains back in NY) with my pants rolled up and umbrella in hand. One time we even collected tadpoles in the puddles…don’t ask me how they they managed to make a home there so quickly. Anyway, too much rain is depressing but a bit here and there is good for the soul!


8 thoughts on “Storm

  1. This is such a great shot. It does not look as if it was taken while raining. And the sky in the background is clearing up which gives the illusion that it’s actually sunny which makes it all more interesting. I do not know how the colors looked in the original version, but I think the B&W is amazing and perfect.

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