“You don’t paddle against the current, you paddle with it. And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars.”~K Kristofferson

Garnite Dells Kayaker
Granite Dells Kayaker in The Cloud Reflection


6 thoughts on “Paddle

  1. Aaaah, is this beautifull! I love your header, Maureen – and the image to this inspiring quote. A real gem!
    Have a good start in the new week.
    L♥ve Dina

      1. Nature is beautiful, aren’t we lucky! About the quotes; yes; I know exactley what you mean. But that makes it so special. The quotes corresponds with us and says a lot about ourselves, giving away the words from others. The NYTimes (I think it was, anyway) once had a big feature on the use of quotes, most interesting reading. And when you have found the right words to match your image, it has a deep impact on everybody. It’s hard to find, I’d say from all my quotations, there’s only one that was 100% like a glow to the hand (Life is a camera), it was reblogged several times and I’m still trying hard to come up with something similar. But it’s fun!
        Big hug!♥

  2. Yes, it is interesting as I personally am not as big on words as I am on images. But quotes somehow speak to me in their simplistic way of getting down to basics in both thought and feeling. Anyway, as a photographer, I want my images to speak for me more than my words but I think that the eloquence of a quote says more than my words could ever communicate via my writing ability.
    ❤ back to you and yours!

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