“The calling of art is to extract us from our daily reality, to bring us to a hidden truth that’s difficult to access – to a level that’s not material but spiritual.”~A Kiarostami

Ugly bug in a pretty background?
Blue Winged Wasp
Or is it a pretty bug in a less attractive background?

Is the bug “ugly” and are the flowers “pretty” ?  Most people would probably say yes to that.  But given a different perspective, he suddenly becomes attractive.  Both photography and life are most often about perspective.  Sometimes we just need to turn the tables around and take a look from the other side and at all angles.  And if you view something from many angles and it still looks the same, then you can make an informed judgement.

Same bug, same flowers, different perceptions.  Truth is dictated by perception on some very real level but one should strive to make his or her own truth as crystal clear as possible. 


6 thoughts on “Extract

  1. Even if you don’t like “bugs”, you should at least respect them. They’ll be here long after we’re gone.
    Two great shots. The “bugs” always enhance the flowers.

  2. Your thoughts remind me of the fate of the unattractive tuna fish who is more disposable than the cute dolphin who get caught in the same nets and hopefully freed. (Thank goodness, because how can you not love a dolphin!)

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