“I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ~R Kipling

It could be debated if words or the visual image (not just photography but any visual medium or even a memory) is the most powerful drug used by mankind.  For me, it is definitely the image as that stays with me more than the word.

Old Star Chevrolet Dealer
Old Star Chevrolet Dealership Complete with Vintage Truck and Gas Pump.

OK, this may be the coolest street that I have ever seen.  It was in/near Bisbee, an artsy, former mining town in the S of Arizona.  The entire street is basically abandoned but 3 men who love classic cars and vintage auto memorabilia have bought most of the buildings and decorated it with vintage cars, signs, gas pumps and other assorted interesting things.  I felt like a character in “Back to The Future”, as if I had been transported to the 50s.  It took me a while to find (even the locals gave me sketchy directions and Siri had me “walking to my final destination”, nowhere near the location). SIRI!

When we got there no one else was on the street (it was a literal ghost town) except for one of the three men that own this “street” so a friend and I had it all to ourselves.  It was missing one thing IMO: an old-fashioned diner to where I could maybe wear my poodle skirt (OK, I don’t really have one of those).   Now that would have been perfect!


3 thoughts on “Dealer

  1. What joy to have experienced this vintage street scene. (I just made a promise to myself that I’m going there one day. Soon.) Your photograph is stunning, pure art!

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