“In a NY minute, everything can change.” ~lyrics, Don Henley

On my recent trip to visit family on Long Island, I spent more than a minute (about 200) in NYC,  shooting on a very hot and humid day.  I think I even sweated on the tops of my hands and my hair looked like a horror show.  Heat is not my cup of tea and humidity even less so.  Even during the monsoons here in AZ the humidity manages to stay tolerable. But I did not want to miss another trip to NY without a visit to the Big Apple, even though I knew I’d be trudging around like a wet noodle.

My first stop was the Chinatown area.  I figured it would be a good place to get a few images in a short amount of time due to the somewhat exotic nature of the neighborhood. It was a Sunday and no less crowded than during the work week.  The street vendors were at every square inch selling their sometimes unrecognizable goods. Dried black mushrooms, anyone?  Men and women were gathered in the park and read the Sunday newspaper, played cards,  musical instruments and the REAL Chinese checkers.

Drummer in Lion Pants

A young group of traditional Chinese musicians (like the kind you might see at a New Year’s celebration) practiced in the park.  This one had on his traditional lion pants (and “shoes”), even in the extreme heat.  Others just parked a stool and tried to stay cool while watching the action.

Watching Musicians with Portable Fan. 🙂

After an hour or so in Chinatown, I got on an uptown subway car for mid-town but I will save that for another post as I don’t know about you but I get visually overwhelmed when I view too many images at one time. Until then:

再见 Zàijiàn!


3 thoughts on “Minute

    1. Thank you….I am vowing only trips to the E coast in seasons other than summer. That humidity takes the wind out of my sails. Maybe if directly on the water, I could justify it. 🙂

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