“A dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.”

~S Hampton

A little detour on my way to Vegas, Route 66 does not offer too much as far as towns or visual interest except for Seligman and Hackberry but those 2 towns are all Route 66:vintage autos, car paraphernalia, old soda machines and bottles, 1950s appliances, you name it!

What I did find is that people from other countries are obsessed with Route 66.  I met Kiwis (New Zealanders) who had spent a month doing most of the entire US route, French who rented motorcycles to tour it, Germans and Japanese busloads on tour.  I hadn’t realized that there was such an interest in it but I can understand why there is such enthusiasm,  nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Hackberry Car Route 66

Arizona is a great state for photography in many ways but the profuse, shockingly bright  sunlight is not one of them.  If I waited for the “right” weather all the time, I’d shoot little.  So in this one I added a slight texture to the overblown dirt and lifeless sky and cropped with the shadows in mind.  I’m not an HDR shooter and let me tell you, it was mid-day and so hot that I ran through this (The Hackberry General Store) quite quickly.  Between that and having a friend waiting on me, I rushed through the scene but I now have the “Hackberry Car”.  This one is one I have seen numerous times and always wanted to shoot it.  So, yes, I have seen it and have shots of it  but not under ideal conditions.  But that is precisely one of the big draws of photography for me; there is always perfection for which to continue shooting :).


7 thoughts on “Car

  1. Yeah Bob Dylan and a few other 60’s rockers made that road super famous. I like the picture of this broken down car. Reminds me a lot of Grapes of Wrath if they werent successful. Nice post!

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