“The reactions of the human heart are not mechanical and predictable but infinitely subtle and delicate.” ~D Ikeda

It’s been breezy for the last week and a half.  Under those conditions, shooting delicate flowers like these Mexican poppies require waiting for a split-second lull in the wind.  All the springtime bloomers are out now and even the roses are starting to emerge.  And while the saguaro flower is Arizona’s official state flower, this is probably the most common as far as numbers and locations go.  They are basically wildflowers and are found throughout all of the diverse ecosystems within AZ.   If the weather conditions are right, they will almost completely cover the bland desert landscape, creating a sea of yellow on the mountainsides throughout the Sonoran desert.

I sometimes feel like I post too many flowers but they have a certain allure for me…..first off, they are just downright pretty and secondly, they do not stand still in time for very long, fading and dying in a relatively short period of time.



5 thoughts on “Delicate

  1. Anahi, I find myself posting “too many flowers” also, but I do love every stage of a flower’s life. In fact, when they wilt and begin to dry up, I think they’re beautiful in a new way. Life is like that–there’s so much to appreciate in every chapter.

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