“Drag me to the moon, to catch a star and seize its brilliance as I’m swept up in amorphous dust.”~B Chicho

moondragonfly (1 of 1)

I guess one of my primary personal goals in photography is to present something different.  That doesn’t always happen but when possible I most enjoy creating some kind of a dreamy type of feel, altering our normal perception of reality just a bit.  I prefer to do this mostly through color, depth of field and bokeh but will also do it through a composite (not the case here).

This particular image, I felt, was different enough, although I might have preferred a different focus involving the dragonfly. But when I saw the bokeh and dark/light contrasts, I thought of a dragonfly at night and how the bokeh reminded me of moons or starlight so I played with the white balance to make it a darker blue and added a bit of a texture to give it some depth.  I wanted to create a dreamy, nighttime scene that a dragonfly might look out to, as if it were about to take off into the night sky.



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