“The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become fearless is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly – indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.”~A Huffington

It was a gorgeous day, all puffy clouds and not too hot for Phoenix (I’m back in the desert for a bit).  I got a facial today, went out and shot and on the way home was looking up at the clouds admiring them when in a split second, I saw this little ball-ish thing running into my tires.  I was doing about 40 mph and broke but heard and felt THE noise, the one you do not ever want to hear, and one I hadn’t in all my years of driving.  It was a baby bunny. :*(((  I’m not sure if I had been paying more attention if I would have avoided it but it made me feel terrible and I am vowing to try and devote all my faculties from here on in to just concentrating on driving.  Not admiring clouds.  Anyway, the poor little bunny’s life cycle was cut short and I guess I am to blame. I know….it happens. But still, it was not the end to the day that I had envisioned.

Split seconds are all it takes to change, end, better, worsen something. It’s profound to think about how a decision can impact many things, whether that be good or bad.  We all have more power than we think.  Little intricacies can weave a far-reaching web of events, some of which we have total control over, some which we have some, others which we have none.   And that is all part of the circle of life, too.  There’s a little circle and then the bigger one.  Just like this bike……

cycle cr

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