“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.”~P Bonnard

Beautiful Blue Bel Air

I saw this parked outside a store and did a U-turn to take a look and shoot it.  Lucky for me the windows were open so I tried to capture what I could through the windows and at high Noon.  What a great car and it was baby blue to boot! I look at these cars and always say to myself, “Now that is design!”.  The cars of today can not even begin to compete with the individuality, beauty and design of these older, classic cars.

belair blue (1 of 1)


5 thoughts on “Design

  1. I like this shot. I think todays car cannot emanate what the characteristics those old cars had. They are mass products for a mass market. Everybody tries to copy its competition

    PS: Thank your for your comment and your suggestion. I very much appreciate it.

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