“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”~J Barrymore

When I put in the tags “modern, architecture and PRESCOTT” in this post, it seemed so weird.  There are no modern buildings in Prescott that I know of, only in the more newly sprouted Prescott Valley (which is mostly residential areas mixed with strip malls).  But this is the rooftop of the Prescott Valley library and the entire structure is modern.  It may also be the tallest building around (by tall, I mean maybe 5 stories 🙂 ).

I can imagine using this as a composite.  But even as is, the light is nice.  There is something about catching light on aluminum that I find satisfying, it can be quite luminous and ethereal in nature.

Enter the Unknown
Enter the Unknown
And the ? you can see on the left side of the door frame….it was shot as is. Hmmmm



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