“It is when our budding hopes are nipped beyond recovery by some rough wind, that we are the most disposed to picture to ourselves what flowers they might have borne, if they had flourished . . .”~C Dickens

It’s now officially Spring and that means that you may be seeing more flower images than what is normal for me.  And one of my favorite things that come alive at this time of the year are the short-lived fruit tree blossoms. Cherry, nectarine, apple…I sometimes do not know which is which (I think this one is a cherry) but they are so pretty.  And the fact that they are short-lived makes them even more appealing.

The first time I really visited Prescott it was in the beginning of April in 2010 and the trees were blooming.  After seeing mostly cacti and desert plants for so many years, Prescott looked like a horticultural Eden to me.  In actuality, it’s quite average and nothing like CA or HI. But each year I make sure I capture the blossoms with my camera.  Last year, I had some covered in snow as we got a late dusting in April of the white stuff.

Happy Spring!

Capturing the tree blossoms-it’s my little Spring ritual. ☂

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