“Digital television, satellite radio, video games, iPods – so much media. Do books even matter anymore?”~M Rocca

I have a Kindle and have downloaded many books onto my computer and iPhone but reading on those do not compare to having a real book in hand.  A book is a sensual experience and reading on something computerized does not hold the same rich experience for me.  But I am also practical and realize that books take up a lot of space and they also leave a bigger carbon imprint.  So, I choose a real book when it comes to art books and fiction that I love and know I may want to re-read over and over again.  I bought these books for 25 cents each.  One was inscribed, “Merry Christmas, Love, Mom and Dad 1941” and probably given as a gift to a teen.  I couldn’t resist them, they are all worn and yellowed with age and I use them for photo props.

A vintage melamine Imperial Satellite camera, circa early 1960s.
A vintage melamine Imperial Satellite camera, circa early 1960s.



2 thoughts on “Satellite

  1. I adore this photograph, and feel the same as you do about books. When I first saw your post in my reader I thought the books were from the Nancy Drew series and immediately headed happily down memory lane. My daughter seems only interested in vampires these days…a far cry from Nancy and her sidekicks George and Bess!

    1. Thank you, Elisa! I wonder if kids these days (OMG… I sound like my mother) will nostalgically reminisce about E-readers as there will be something even more technologically amazing around.

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