“Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.”~Shakespeare

Turtle Heaven
Turtle Heaven

Slow is not always the wisest way to do things, in my opinion.  What is smart is knowing WHEN to do things slowly and when not to.  The more to lose, the slower your actions should be.  But you can sit on the fence so long and end up stuck there…not a good thing. Is careful evaluation a tool or an excuse? To be or not to be wise (whether slow or fast), that is the question.  To paraphrase my Mom:Shakespeare is probably “turning in his grave” about this write up.  Slowly, I’m sure. 😉

The murky waters in this shot were conducive in my mind to turning this into “Turtle Heaven”, an even cloudier take on the original.  A case like this one is when I particularly like to use textures, not enough visual interest in the water in the actual shot right out of the camera but enough interest in the overall shot itself to warrant a bit of playing around with it.  Processing for me is as much fun as shooting and I have no qualms about just chucking something that I play with if I feel in the end that it does not work on any level.


7 thoughts on “Slow

  1. My family had a turtle (which came to us by just turning up in our yard one day). We called her Zelva and she got some posts in my Archives blog. What I loved about being around her, was that she was so slow and deliberate. She reminded me of patience. The trouble was, I often found I was in too much of a hurry – no time – to just sit with her and feel the slo-mo pace. Love your image.

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