“We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.”~ R Frost

danceA©maureenmedina (1 of 1)

I spent 2 nights in Tucson with a long time friend who lives there (we have been friends since 7th grade!).  It was the weekend of the big gem show and as usual, I spent a few hours there and then did some shooting around town for the rest of the weekend (my friend, who makes jewelry, shops for hours and hours, something I am not into). Tucson is an interesting little town with a real Mexican flavor and that influence is abundant in Tucson’s arts, culture, food, architecture, etc.  I had a chicken chilaquiles omelet for breakfast on Sunday that not only lasted me through lunch but also through dinner. Yes, it was that heavy! 🙂  It’s something I would not normally eat but as they say, when in Rome…..In a departure from the city’s typical Mexican influence, his image was taken at the town’s Chinese Cultural Center where I attended a Chinese New Year celebration.

I’m an adventurer and like discovering new things and areas but always enjoy getting back to my own bed and bath and the creature comforts of my home.  I’m an adventuress that likes routine….if that makes any sense!

6 thoughts on “Dance

  1. A true adventuress knows when its time to return home to rest and recharge in preparation for the next adventure!

    The photograph is lovely, I like how you captured the dancers movement.


  2. Thanks, all. We adventurers and adventuresses must return home to recharge AND save more $ for our next experience. The movement in the photograph is what I liked best about this particular shot, Elisa!

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