“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

~M A Radmacher ravenmoon©maureenmedina

This is composed of 3 photographs (a raven, the moon and a view of bare trees with a texture), although I do not consider it a photo.  It is an image, more graphic art in nature than photographic, and completely an experiment of sorts.  Once every so often, I enjoy throwing something weird into the mix.  Today is weird day. Lucky you!

I wonder if ravens are a popular art subject all over.  Here in Prescott, Arizona, they are extremely popular.  Obviously, that has something to do with their abundance in numbers in the area. In Native American lore they represent creation, knowledge, truth and clarity of the unknown.  That sounds a lot more thoughtful to me than death. Ravens are intelligent, resourceful animals and should be given more credit than solely the EA Poe connotation.


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