“On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers. “~A Stevenson globe
I did a photo shoot for a local vintage shop the other day and this was kind of an outtake that I decided to play with.  Evidently, unbeknownst to me, “occasional markets” are now big with the vintage retail establishments.  Instead of having regular hours, they have 4 or so days per month where they are open and supposedly they generate more business that way.  I guess it works for that niche due to the one of a kind-ness of vintage items (scarcity) and the fact that their items must be procured, which is not quite as easy as ordering from China.  Anyway, I thought it was an interesting twist on capturing a market….I guess time will tell if it’s effective long-term.

Nothing too wordy today as I am awaiting the Tylenol to kick in and kick butt on a migraine.  I don’t get nearly as many as I used to which is a very good thing.  But it did occur to me, “Why am I processing photos right now?”.  Well, I don’t have tv, I mostly watch movies on the big screen and reading seems like a chore.  So does typing so I am signing off…….

Good night, Good day, whatever it is in your part of the globe. 🙂


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