“As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.”

~ A Schweitzer

Every time I see a lake frozen over here in AZ, I always have the urge to go ice skating.  I ice skated a lot back in NY, sometimes at my own peril.  A boyfriend and I once ice skated across the Great South Bay…from Long Island to Fire Island. I’d say it was a number of miles each way and really, we could have fallen in a soft area at any time and no one would have been around to rescue us.  We do some dumb things in our youth, thinking we are invincible. But there is a definite feeling of freedom and flying when you are skating across a vast expanse like that, with no other sounds but that of your skates cutting through the ice, the cold wind on your face and not another soul in sight.

I think that story is also a testimony to global warming…..the Great South Bay has not even come close to freezing over like that in the many years since then.  And quite frankly, 50* feels chilly to me now that I have lived in Arizona for almost a decade. I’m not sure I could thrive in such cold temperatures again!icereflectA©maureen medina (1 of 1)


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