“Wit lies in recognizing the resemblance among things which differ and the difference between things which are alike. “~ Madame de Stael

I went to the Grand Canyon yesterday and while the canyon was still grand, the clouds and atmosphere were not.  So that means I came out with little photographically as far as landscapes go.  But as we were driving I saw a few VERY big deer.  They looked like deer on steroids! 😮  I stopped the car and started to chase them with my camera, marveling at their size. I’m thinking, what is the deal here? Does the Grand Canyon have special high calorie foraging goodies? Do humans feed them? How did they get that big?

It isn’t until I get home and think, maybe it was not deer but ELK that it all started to make sense.  Yep, those big deer were impostors and actually female elk. Facially, they are very similar but the bodies are more like moose.  Had there been a male in the bunch I might have caught on quicker.

Did I mention I am blonde? 😉

female elkcuA©maureenmedina (1 of 1)

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