“If one man says to thee, “Thou art a donkey.”, pay no heed. But if two speak thus, purchase a saddle.”

~ The Talmud


A pretty funny quote from a pretty serious book of religion!

I have been quite busy as of late and am definitely backlogged in the post processing department.  Also behind in the image clean up department so I have a few hours work there that needs to get done fairly soon.  I shot this at a stable the other day and I must say that all the horses looked a bit worse for wear.  I can usually tell if a horse is well kept by the condition of their eyes and how dirty they are on a whole and these horses were pretty crusty!  Between that and the horse pens, I came out with little as far as images go.  But I always go around and pet and talk to them all, which I enjoy just as much as a good image.

The puppy Winslow is keeping me on my toes and it looks like (fingers crossed) we are getting the potty training pretty much down pat.  Next we’ll need to work on manners.  He’s a bit exuberant (part and parcel of being a puppy, I suppose) and headstrong but my head is even thicker so I am betting that I will win out in the long run. 🙂

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