“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. “~W Dyer

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Our choices voice who we are and shape our lives.

I asked these young friends to line up so I could shoot their boots.  They were obviously quite proud of them and had dressed up alike for their big day in the small town.  It was quite cute.  I happen to have a thing for cowboy boots and have a few pairs myself…brown, black, pale pink and my favorite, teal.  Who said you have to choose just one color? 😉

And the big choices in life?  They are subject to change but you are wiser to try to make a good choice initially. You can’t change some things as easily as you can change your boots.

I have made a little decision in regard to the blog and have decided to turn off likes.  While I appreciate the thought and the visits and welcome any comments, at this point I just want to give my images life without having them evaluated via a “like” system.  I always find the comments I receive meaningful and do truly appreciate the fact that people will give my images a closer look.  One can cultivate likes but I rather just free myself of quantifying my images.  Is an image (or poem or essay, etc.) much better than another because it receives 100s of likes?  And on the other hand, is an image that receives 2 likes a poor one? I think not.  For me personally I just find it more liberating artistically not to use a system like that for a blog. But thank you all for your support, previous likes, comments and views.  Take note that they did not go unappreciated!


2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Often choices made are the result of external pressures of all kinds, especially when we are young. To say we have choice in everything, then, is not strictly true. That leaves no room for those things we can’t control.

    I’ve been blogging for many years and have found out something about my fellow bloggers and visitors, which is this: often the work they ‘like’ is not what I would regard as my best work. Tastes are, really, quite common for the majority. Hence, I have no expectations. As someone who critiques my own work quite severely, I have a pretty good idea what work of mine is good and not so good and am not affected by the Likes system. I’m just glad I have an outlet for my creative expression! 😉

    1. Hi Janina,
      Yes, we do not have control over situations at all times, only how we react to those that are uncontrollable!
      And as far as the like system goes, I found that you cannot actually take it away, only hide the likes on your site (so looks like I may as well put it back as that defeats my original purpose for taking it away) . And you are wise not to be affected by the system itself. While I enjoy the relationships it has created, my personal opinion is that numbers do not necessarily reflect quality. As you said, I also just want a venue to give my images and thoughts a life beyond the hard drive!

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