“How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking. ”        ~DJ Schwartz reflect©maureenmedina (1 of 1)

The New Year is always a perfect time for reflection.  I prefer reflections to resolutions as I think you learn more from them.  And resolutions can sometimes be daunting. This past year’s reflections constitute the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.  It’s all part of life.  So here are some things I learned from last year:

1.  Fate is 20% fortuity, 80% choice.  I have made up those figures so don’t go thinking it’s based on science. 🙂 And divine fate can only be realized only when you equally weigh considerations with both your heart and your head.  Then your fate becomes based on a decision of the soul.  There are people who ignore the head and those that ignore the heart.  Either of those options neglects your soul and that is a sad place to hang your hat.  To thine own self be true and that can’t happen unless you honor both mind and heart.  Go with your intuition in matters of the heart, regret and “if only I acted” are bitter pills to swallow.  In photography I believe that people are either “geeks” or “artists” at heart, one of those things overrides the other. Same with your life….are you the type that falls into the head or heart faction?  I know where I fall and I realize that incorporating more of the other side will enable me to live a more balanced, sedate life. But we don’t always want sedate, do we?  That would be boring.  We humans do indeed walk a fine line much of the time!

2.  A pet becomes part of you.  Having lost my Westie at 13 years old,  I realize just how much a part of me that she was.  She’ll always be loved.  I have a very good friend who has an aging dog that is equally as loved as mine and she says she will not get another dog when this one passes as it will be too painful for her.  For me, opening up to another one would be healing.  Is it better to have loved and lost and love again, knowing your heart might break once more?  I say a big loud YES!  A few friends point out the drawbacks of pet ownership.  I think about that too but as I am a “heart” person, I picked myself up a puppy on New Year’s Day.  He’s diabolically cute! And a handful!

3.  Having a passion is a gift.  Yes, it wanes and waxes like the moon but if you are truly aligned with a passion that suits you, it will always be with you. The gifts that I have received from photography (my biggest passion) cannot be measured. It changes the way I “see” things and has expanded my mind and world.  And expanding those two things are what life is about.  Nature is my other passion and nothing nourishes mind, body and soul more than being in a place where I can feel its divineness.  Money, prestige and popularity will never give you a gift of depth and shallow waters leave you feeling inevitably unfulfilled.  So, make a pathway for the things that and people who ignite your soul.

4.  As much as we need others and want to be admired, you must be secure in your own power, vision and strength.  I have found that that kind of security increases as you get older and you become more accepting and sure of who you are at your very core.

5.  Nothing is ever really new, as is true with these observations.  I knew all this before but owned some of these things even more this past year.  2013 will bring on more owning ups and further growth, more good, bad, beautiful and ugly.  My wish for 2013….may this year bring good more frequently than bad and may the beautiful outshine the ugly.



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