But the tigers come at night with their voices soft as thunder.”~Lyrics, “I Dreamed A Dream”

tigercomesatnight©maureenmedina (1 of 1)

A big cat’s growl is like thunder: not loud yet commanding and ominous; an auditory warning of potential danger.

I saw the movie Les Miserables last night and I highly recommend it.  Having seen the play twice on Broadway, I found the movie was a more up close and personal experience.  Bring tissues. :*( The above-mentioned song is heart wrenching and beautiful and it actually prompted me to post this tiger image today.)  The movie itself gets you to think about the age old human struggles of love, fairness and justice, duty, hope…..and how relatively easy we have it in this day and age. Next up a comedy is in order though!


5 thoughts on “Tigers

      1. ha…I think I liked the play better…only because like you, I had seen it so many times and it was etched in my mind. There were certain elements of the movie, like you said that made it more intimate.
        It was definitely a great movie, and I would see it again!

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