“We build statues out of snow, and then weep to see them melt. “~W Scott

redbenchinsnow©maureenmedina (1 of 1)

This was taken a few weeks ago during Prescott’s first real snow of the season.  Everyone is surprised when they see certain images and then realize it is Arizona.  Arizona=desert=cacti is most people’s connotation but it’s actually a very diverse state.  And the good thing about snow in AZ?  It melts quickly.  It’s a treat instead of a hassle. This was taken at my condo and I like the pop of red of the bench and how the white out almost naturally turns this image into a selective color photo.  In my mind, it also reminds me of a Japanese print….I can almost see a geisha with an umbrella looking into the distance standing right over to the right of that bench.  I wish I had a geisha to borrow!


5 thoughts on “Melt

  1. Excellent eye to spot this. One of the things I always look for when photographing in a wintery scene is a splash of color; you certainly have that here.

    The remark about the stereotypical sense of what Arizona looks like also resonated with me. In late August of this year, I photographed in AZ for the first time and before heading to some of the more iconic places on my itinerary (Monument Valley, Lower Antelope Canyon, the North Rim, etc.) I spent one evening in Flagstaff. I had just enough time to run up to Sunset Crater NM for a couple of ours and was presented with the scenes depicted at the link below:

    When people see that first shot in particular (the field of sunflowers), they always express astonishment when I tell them that the image was made in Arizona.

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