“There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit.”~A Pope 

If you see a lion up close you not only understand why he is called the king of the jungle but also the word “majestic”.    lion©maureenmedina (1 of 1) While I admired the beauty of the lioness, I was pretty much in awe of the lion.  He just had such a regal presence, basking in the sun with seemingly not a care in the world.  They are powerful animals, not only in the traditional sense of what power might signify in the animal world but also in the way they exude confidence.  Even his vocalization had a certain powerful aplomb to it; the low, crackling roar was not loud but carried well through the air.  I guess his allure can best be summed up by charisma; he commanded everyone’s attention through a calm, majestic energy.

This was shot in Camp Verde, AZ at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park and I highly suggest a visit if you are ever in the Northern AZ area.  The animals roam freely within contained natural habitats and many of them have been rehabilitated from one sort of misfortune or another.  Most important is the fact that the inhabitants are well cared for.  This operation is a labor of love and it was a joy and privilege to wander about the grounds.  There were lions and tigers (even a white one) and bears and Oh, My….the cutest carrot-eating giraffes!


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