Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.”~R Ellison 

These bullfrogs show up every summer around the local lakes and for 2 years I have tried to catch one with my camera.  I try to creep up, they scatter, I hear “plop,plop,plop” and see their beady eyes sticking out of the water.  I move on down the lake, trying to be quieter…and the same results continue on, my hearing those plops before I can get even remotely close enough for a shot.  I finally did get close enough the other day and he (she?) was a real poser.  He’s lucky that I’m observant as I actually almost stepped on him, which wouldn’t have made for a great image. 😦 He must have been getting ready to hibernate because he was so sluggish that I was able to cart him around to different locations.  What I won’t do for a photo…..

It was getting dark and I had to shoot this at around F2 or so, while trying to hold my breath and keep steady as I myself crouched froggie style. The lens I used for this has no vibration reduction and I must say that VR will be a non-negotiable option for most new lens purchases going forward, it really does help! But now I get to cross bullfrog off my list of photo capture aspirations.

And so far, I didn’t get any warts in the process!


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