“It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary. “~R Whately

Usually I only like to highlight one image per post but sometimes in order to better illustrate a story, a few images are in order.  So is the case here.  These photos are from a small, rural town about 40 minutes from where I live in Prescott, AZ.  Typical small town America, it is mostly a ranching town but I also see the abandoned remnants of a place that maybe had tried to transform itself into something more artsy in a smaller environment cultural kind of way.

A Ghost Remains

Maybe that was before the big recession hit and the economic reality did that idea injustice.  

Even the car is stuck in the mud.
Ouvenirs for Sale

Main Street here has more abandoned buildings than occupied ones but the ones that are abandoned most definitely have an eclectic characteristic to them.  I walked around marveling at some of those small details and felt wistful at all the potential that seemed to be squashed. I’ll go back again some day in the near future even if only to go to some of the stores that were open for business but closed for the day.  They were mostly vintage stores or artsy establishments (not highbrow art but folksy in nature) and they had signs posted like “Be back in the summer” or “Open Friday, Saturday and whenever we feel like it.”.  A friend said that maybe that is why there are so many places out of business but I think not; I think they died of a dream forced into neglect by a poor economy.

In life, dreams sometimes die and sometimes those dead dreams are about more important things than money. 

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