““The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” ~PC Cast

I wanted to do something a bit different with this image.  I loved it straight out of the camera and when I love an image, I tend to experiment with it and bring out different feelings with post-processing.  In this case, I kind of sepia-ized it and then did some hand tinting. It reminds me of my Mom’s graduation picture.  In her case it was black and white with hand tinting but the retro and romantic feel is kind of the same.

I woke up to the most gorgeous clouds in the sky today; I do hope they stick around for tonight and maybe a great sunset will take place.  I’ll have to try and park myself some place nice later.  But for now, it’s coffee on the couch and in a bit,  hot yoga with a friend.


5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. projectmomentarily

    Even though the flowers are what your eyes are drawn to for their colour, I actually think its the inviting eyes that give this image a haunting quality. Those eyes look like they are asking the viewer all manner of questions. Is that the kind of mood you were going for with this one?

    There’s also an air of mystery which I think makes you keep looking or at least had me hooked. The holding of the flowers while high in this shot, reminds me of some of the older wedding photos in our family, in which the groom was seated in his three-piece suit and the bride stood by his side holding flowers in her hand, which gives modern eyes a full look at and appreciation of her gown and sometimes a hat as well.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Basically, I wanted the projection to be two-fold. Timeless in its reaching out to the viewer, to their inner being and for the viewer to see the subject’s soul. She does look like a bride but she’s really just covered in a gauzy material. And she was completely (skin included) done up in periwinkle blue. But for this particular image, I wanted a timeless, romantic quality.
      There is also a part of me that protests against the whole idea that many male photographers have and whereby consistently end up portraying women a la “Model Mayhem”. T&A, legs, etc. all lit up by a cold flash. To me, this is a whole woman; strong, mysterious,confident, feminine, wise, beautiful, open, giving. Well, that is my take but the viewer is really the one who decides!

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