“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. “~Lao Tzu

Today is World Kindness Day (or so I read on Facebook).  There’s a day for everything (donut day, lower case letter day, bald day….need I go on?) but this seems to be a good day to promote.  I’m not sure if the whole world knows about this so I thought I’d spread the word.  Today I am vowing to think only gracious thoughts (Brain, cooperate with me here), smile and never frown and have nice words spill from my mouth.  That goes for everyone (myself included) and as for those people I have only little positive feelings for,  I’ll try not to think too hard about them.  If that means a lobotomy for a day, so be it.  Wait a minute….can one have his or her lobes put back in after they are removed? I don’t think so so I guess I’ll just have to control my thoughts.  I want to keep all my lobes, even if they are sometimes responsible for ungracious thoughts.

So, I leave you with kind thoughts, a gift of pink and green and a wish for a day filled with love and happiness.  Pass it on.


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