“Here hyacinths of heavenly blue, shook their rich tresses to the morn.”~J Montgomery

I met a friend in Scottsdale this weekend for a vintage market.  While the market was not all that I had anticipated, I had a blast shooting a special event down by the waterfront.  This was one of the performers (they came in every color of the rainbow and then some) from the “Spectrum” performance.  It wasn’t really much of a performance in the traditional sense (more like a mime group) but it was visually stunning.  I was lucky enough to have overcast light and a setting sun.  Having to constantly deal with overpowering sunlight can be frustrating and I can see a vast improvement in my images straight out of the camera (as was mostly this one, save for a pretty severe cropping) due to the soft light.  I exclusively used my 35mm lens for the weekend and as much as I love the versatility of a zoom, I can see better quality in the images out of my prime lens.  It was challenging to shoot this particular event because if I wanted close-ups and non-distracting backgrounds, I had to get very close up and personal with the subjects.  No zoom=closer proximity when it comes to portrait shots.  And while the performers didn’t speak at all, I did and my favorite image from this event (not this one) came from asking the performer to move to a white tent which I used as a backdrop. I used to be fairly shy about directing people but I have gotten over that and I think confidence on the part of the photographer is an important factor in shooting good portraits. 


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