“There are no such things as Flowers there are only gladdened Leaves.”~J Ruskin

Gladdened leaves in various shades…I like the sound of that.

I went up to Sedona yesterday but it was a CC kind of day (crappy clouds).  It pretty much lets the wind out of your photographic sails.  But we hiked around Cathedral Rock and had fun none the less.  And the so-so cloudless landscape pics…in my camera still.  I kind of 🙂 dropped my laptop (although I am quite a quick- reacting klutz and softened some of the blow) but my USB cord got a bit bent.  The local Best Buy was a no go for that item so I am awaiting a replacement in the mail and it won’t be here for a week or longer.  One bad thing about living in a small-ish town is that sometimes there are not too many options. 


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