Breed is stronger than pasture.”~G Eliot

I have to say I believe that statement.  The old nature vs. nurture debate. I personally think genetics play a 2/3 part in one’s personality and environment the other 1/3.  It is the reason why members of the same family can be very different in their traits and outlooks. My brother and I are quite different and were so right from the beginning.  Some of that may be due to gender (also genetics) but most just due to innate core differences in temperament.

It’s ironic that the owner called the horses in right after this shot and they ran off, kicking up dust and in great light.  Unfortunately, my equine dream shot was missed (galloping horses in a dust cloud) as they were running AWAY from me.  Not the vision I have had in mind for over a year now…I’m hoping for the front side not the backsides. 🙂 Someday…….

I’m trying out a new theme and not sure I like it.  I tried to customize the colors but it doesn’t seem to save as such.  And I refuse at this point to pay for the one I really want.  If I stick with this for a year or so, that just may be my reward.


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