“Everyone thinks of changing his world but no one thinks of changing himself.”~L Tolstoy

We do have deciduous trees here in Arizona and some Fall color.  Fall is my favorite time of the year….I love putting on a sweater on a chilly night, the crisp air, the trees in transition, hot bubble baths, soups in the crock pot,  being able to use my cuddly blanket 🙂 on the couch with a hot tea in my hand.  About the only thing I dislike is how it gets dark earlier.  And now that I am in Arizona and not living in the NE, I don’t even mind winter. Last year I bought a sled so I could go sleigh riding but never got to use it.  We had a very mild winter last year and hardly any snow, maybe this year I’ll get to use my pink flying saucer and soar down some hills!


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