“A leopard cannot change his spots“~my Mom (via someone else, I am sure) 🙂

If I ever had a horse, this would be the kind I’d want….a spotted pony. An Appaloosa. Even the breed name is cute. Another bonus:white horses photograph well and white with some color photograph even better.  I’m still contemplating a dog so a horse is quite a bit down the on totem pole of things that I need to have. But it’s fun to imagine. If he were my horse, I’d name him Snickerdoodle  but being that he’s not, maybe that will be the name of the new dog that I’ll eventually get…when my life settles down a bit.

Right now I am in Savannah, GA.  What a great little city. My favorite thing?  That overgrown moss that tumbles down from the stately trees.  I probably won’t get to shoot in the obsessive way I usually do unless I want to get pushed out of the car at 60 mph. 🙂 But I am headed to put my toes in the ocean!


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