“How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”~ A Lincoln 

Very true…..saying something, even with the strongest of convictions, does not make it so. (Tail, swallowtail…sometimes I stretch to find an accompanying quote. 🙂 )

There was a time  a few years ago when I first got back into photography when I was pretty anal about the whole thing.  I think I would have considered what I did here verboten. The goal back then was 100% old school rule regulated and I barely processed things ( I think I used the WindowsLive basic photo editing to spiffy the images up, but that’s about it). A crop, some straightening if needed, and maybe a slight adjustment in exposure. I am bored when I look at my old images; there was no real spirit there.  Now I have total fun with processing and continue to try to learn something new every so often. As of late, it’s been adding textures.  I have been collecting quite a few for my library (the one here was a metal tree of life door that I saw while in Tucson). I also set out to give this a more vintage feeling, kind of like an old vintage print, with some hand coloring.

It’s liberating when you are able to open creative doors.  Yes, comp, exposure and clarity still matter but the whole take a side thing in photography is silly, IMO.  Love/hate HDR, Canon vs. Nikon (Poor Pentax), film vs. digital, composites, textures, etc., etc.  The debate will go on as to what photography REALLY is and that is a good thing as it means the art form is evolving.  Whether you like a process or not is not the point; does the image speak to you?  Does it make you stop to think, appreciate or feel? That is the point.

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